147. Ecologistas en Acción:

148. Environmental Health Coalition of Western Massachusetts:

149. Environmental Health Fund:

150. Fairfield County Medical Association:

151. Farrah Cancer Center:

152. Félag Matarfrædinga (Icelandic Association of Administrative Dietitians):

153. Flatiron Functional Medicine:

154. Food Security Council of Sorocaba (Sorocaba CONSEA):

155. Fórum Cearense de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional (FCSAN):

156. Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine:

157. Fratellone Medical Associates:

158. Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology:

159. Ghana Ministry of Health:

160. Greenlite Medicine:

161. Harbor Medical Group:

162. Hawaii Nurses Association:

163. Healthcare Professionals for a Safe & Healthy Sustainable Food Supply:,_Initiative_522_(2013)

164. Health Clinic of the Nature Health Association of Iceland:

165. Healthy Lifestyles:

166. Heart MD Institute:

167. Health Sciences Institute:

168. Hirsch Center for Integrative Medicine:

169. Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine:

170. Holistic ICON:

171. Hoosier Environmental Council:

172. Hopewell Nutrition Center:

173. HP Medical Center:

174. The Independent Science Panel (ISP):

175. Indian Dietetic Association:

176. Innovative Healing:

177. Institute for Children’s Environmental Health:

178. Institute for Functional Medicine:

179. Institute for Integrative Nutrition:

180. Institute of Holistic Nutrition:

181. Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders:

182. Institute of Progressive Medicine:

183. Institute for Restorative Health:

184. Institute for Social Ecology:

185. Integrated Medicine of Mt Kisco:

186. Integrative Family Care at the Springs:

187. Integrative Health Policy Consortium:

188. Integrative Health & Wellness of Stow:

189. Integrative Medicine of New Jersey:

190. Interdisciplinary Society for Environmental Medicine (Interdisziplinäre Gesellschaft für Umweltmedizin e. V. – IGUMED):

191. International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists:

192. International Society of Doctors for the Environment:

193. Jade Mountain Health Center:

194. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for a Livable Future:

195. Kentucky Environmental Foundation:

196. The Kenyan Medical Research Institute:

197. Kenyan Ministry of Public Health:

198. Keys to Healing Medical Center:

199. Kidney Service China:

200. Korea Food & Drug Administration:

201. Latino Care Medical Group:

202. Laval Health and Social services Agency (Agence de la sante et des services sociaux de Laval):

203. La Dietetique du Tao:,ogm.html

204. Le nutritionniste urbain:

205. Less Cancer:

206. Living Health Integrative Medicine:

207. Macalester College GMO Exploratory Committee:

208. Maine Integrative Healthcare:

209. Mandala Integrative Medicine:

210. Massachusetts Nurses Association (20,000 members):

211. M.D. Integrative Wellness:

212. Medical Advocates for Healthy Air:

213. Ministry of Health Malaysia:

214. National Association of Nutrition Professionals:

215. National entity of Biology Students (ENEBio):

216. National Health Association:

217. Natural Nurse:

218. Neurological Health Foundation:

219. Newport Natural Health:

220. New York State Nurses Association:

221. Non-Toxic Nurse:

222. Nutrição Esportiva, Estética e Clínica:

223. Nutricionista Integrativa:

224. Nutrition and Healing:

225. Nutrition Research Center in Dining Production (NUPPRE-UFSC):

226. NYS Registered Nurses for GMO Labeling:

227. Oasis Integrative Medicine:

228. Ontario Health Coalition:

229. Oregon Public Health Association (500 members):

230. Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility: –

231. Pacific Center For Integral Health:

232. Palm Beach Integrative Medicine:–wellness-blog/category/genetically%20engineered%20food

233. Palmetto Allergy and Asthma:

234. PCOS Nutrition Center:

235. Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute:

236. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) (150,000 members):

237. Physicians for Social Responsibility – Arizona:

238. Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles:

239. Physicians for Social Responsibility – Sacramento:

240. Plateroti Center for Integrative Medicine:

241. Polish Consumers’ Health Association:

242. Polskie Towarzystwo Lekarskie(Polish Medical Association):

243. Porter Ranch Medical Center:

244. Pratisyen Hekimlik Derneği:

245. The Preventive Medicine Center:

246. Preventive Medicine Center of Gainesville, Inc.:

247. Preventive Medicine Research Institute:

248. Public Health Association of South Africa:

249. Raising Sages Integrative Pediatrics:

250. RD in the Midwest:

251. Red Dietitians:

252. Redwood Wellness:

253. Regional Cancer Center:

254. Registered Nurses Association of Ontario:

255. Revolution Health Medical Center:

256. Richmond Dietetic Association:

257. RN Patient Advocates:

258. Root Cause Medical Center:

259. The Royal Society of Edinburgh:

260. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB):

261. San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine:

262. San Francisco Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility:

263. San Francisco Integrative Medicine:

264. San Francisco Medical Foundation:

265. San Francisco Preventive Medical Group:

266. Santa Clara Medical Society:

267. Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine:

268. Santa Cruz Occupational Medical Center:

269. Saudi Food and Drug Authority:

270. Science and Environmental Health Network:

271. Sears’ Center For Health & Wellness:

272. Sedona Center for Complementary Medicine:

273. Seguin Family Medicine:

274. Sharlin Health & Neurology:


276. Société Française de Nutrition (French Society of Nutrition):

277. Society of Polish Doctors (Towarzystwa Lekarzy Polskich):

278. Soma Health Association Of Australia Ltd.:

279. Soram Integrative Medicine:

280. South Florida Cancer Association:

281. Swanson Health Center:

282. Taiwan Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration:

283. Tao Integrative Medicine:

284. Tasmanian Public and Environmental Health Network (TPEHN):

285. TEDX The Endocrine Disruption Exchange:

286. Texas Association of Naturopathic Doctors:

287. Thailand Ministry of Public Health:

288. Toronto Public Health:

289. TrueMedMD:

290. Turkish Medical Association (Türk Tabipleri Birliği) (83,000 members):

291. Ultrawellness Center:

292. UK Faculty of Public Health:


294. Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS):

295. Upstate Nutrition Consultants, Inc.:

296. Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment:

297. Vaughan Integrative Medicine:

298. Vermont Public Health Association:

299. Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians:,_Initiative_522_(2013)

300. Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility:,_Initiative_522_(2013)

301. The Wellness Center:

302. Wellness Center at Post Haste:

303. Western Washington Physicians for a National Health Program:,_Initiative_522_(2013)

304. Winona County Soil and Water Conservation District:

305. Women’s Cancer Resource Center:

306. Zest Nutrition: