Pamm Larry. Board of Directors.

Pamm Larry woke up one morning to the idea that it was time to start a movement in California to label GMOs. She got in her car and drove around the state, sparking what would become California’s citizen-led ballot initiative Proposition 37 – The Genetic Engineered Food Labeling Act of 2012. Although Prop 37 did not prevail at the ballot box, it galvanized a U.S. grassroots movement for the mandatory labeling of GMOs.

Pamm’s connection with the land goes back to her grandparents’ farm in Creston, Iowa, where she resided during her toddler years and continued to visit every summer and holiday during her childhood. The farm is no longer owned by the family and is now planted in row upon row of genetically engineered crops.

After living in the suburbs of Chicago and then Detroit with her family, she moved to California at the age of twenty and eventually settled in the small town of Chico. A midwife for seven years, she was also a business owner that combined farming and manufacturing for ten years. She has a BA in Religious studies with a keen interest in Ethical Theology. She has three daughters and two grandsons.

Her activism centers around the desire for healthy people and a healthy world. She continues to advocate for personal and corporate ethics, and advocates for science and solutions that take a holistic view of the Earth’s natural systems.

She is the Director of, Co-chair of the GMO Action Alliance and is on the Steering Committees for California Right To Know and the GMO Inside campaign. Pamm joined GMO Free USA’s Board of Directors in 2014.