Mike Hurst. Outreach Manager.


Born and raised in the Midwest, Mike grew up observing the many facets of industrial farming. He worked for several years within conventional agribusiness and witnessed first-hand the inception of genetically engineered crops and the start of the era of “Roundup-Ready” agriculture.

In his early twenties he became a passionate follower of natural health disciplines. He met Nancy while studying alternative healing and networking with various herbal companies, and in 2005, he followed a long-time dream and moved to Oregon to start married life.

Mike had seen what was on both sides of the fence. “Fresh ‘n local” co-ops and small, organic family farms on one side. And the mega factory farms and seemingly unrestricted chemical use on the other side. As his consciousness matured, he came to a realization that an ever-expanding industrial agricultural system was one that disturbed him and one he did not want.

With the desire to help fix the failing food system, he joined GMO Free USA in 2013 as a liaison to campaigns in Oregon, assisting with the successful GMO crop cultivation ban initiatives in Jackson County (Measure 15-119) and Josephine County (Measure 17-58). Mike brings a rich marketing and business networking background, and his passion, to the journey to help transform our systems into ones that will deliver clean food and restore health.