Luan Van Le. Development & Communications Director, Board of Directors.


Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Luan immigrated to the United States at an early age with his immediate family near the end of the Vietnam War. Having strong interests across many subjects and having particular strengths in creative expression since early childhood, he has forged an unconventional track through his life. Luan has trained in fine arts drawing and painting, architecture, computer design and graphics, and film production and post-production in Texas, France, and New York, at institutions such as the University of North Texas, North Lake College, Parsons School of Design Paris and the Pratt Institute School of Architecture. He is also a self-taught music producer.

In late summer of 2012, he put two in-progress feature documentary film projects, of which he was producing and directing, on hiatus to pursue an issue that he felt was urgent. He became involved with Diana Reeves and her just-launched GMO Free USA initiative. By the fall, he joined Diana in the pursuit of establishing GMO Free USA as a formal nonprofit organization in the long-term fight against GMO and industrial agriculture. His communications knowledge, and creative and organizational skills helped to set the path for the rapid growth of the GMO Free USA Facebook page and the development of the organization.

Being a highly proficient multi-disciplinary creative and having a passion for social and environmental issues, Luan seeks routes through which design and communications can catalyze social and environmental justice. He will continue to work with the GMO Free USA team to grow the organization and the activist movement, and hopes to return to and finish his films in the near future.