Janet Lee. Graphics Designer.

Janet Lee is a self-taught, award-winning amateur landscape photographer with dozens of blue ribbons from regional contests. Her interest in graphics grew out of her love for photography and a desire to understand its evolution in our digital age. She holds a certificate of graphic design from Sacramento City College and a lifelong interest in nature led to a BA in biological sciences from California State University, Sacramento.

After researching the GMO issue, she came to the conclusion that the potential permanent change to our food system based on novel corporate science, and the patenting of seeds, was not in the best interest of society. Janet was one of the first volunteers to join the GMO Free USA team in March of 2013.

Her current passion is home gardening, saving seeds and growing healthy organic food for her family, free of chemicals and GMOs. She believes the antidote to an unhealthy, corporate-controlled food system is self-sufficiency.