Diana Reeves. Founder & Executive Director, Board of Directors.


Diana Reeves, a Connecticut mom-turned-activist, founded GMO Free USA in response to a failed initiative to label genetically engineered foods in her home state in May 2012. Diana was a CPA on the fast track at a major accounting firm when her firstborn son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two. She walked away from her career to take care of him and became a stay at home mom. Her son died before he turned five and she has since raised three children. After Diana’s family developed autoimmune disease and other health problems, she began to learn about the connections between these illnesses and genetically engineered foods. Her family’s health-related challenges, her lack of tolerance for putting children at risk and her anger with untested and unlabeled GMOs have instigated her passion to bring positive change to our broken food system.

Diana is the recipient of the Healthy Child Healthy World 2013 Mom on a Mission Award. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the GMO Free Global Coalition and Co-chair of the GMO Action Alliance.