CALL TO ACTION: The FDA is planning to release Genetically Engineered mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. Will you be part of the experiment?

GE mosquitoes are awaiting release in the Florida Keys. The FDA is accepting comments prior to making a final decision. Make your voice heard before it’s too late! Comment to the FDA HERE.

Oxitec, the company that would profit from the release of these mosquitoes, has been caught making inaccurate claims before. When Keys residents raised concerns about being bitten by GE female mosquitoes, they initially told the public, “We can do this male only release… not release both male and female together.” (1) They were later forced to admit that biting and disease carrying females are inadvertently released – they cannot guarantee separation.

Oxitec also stated, “The female will lay eggs and they won’t survive up to adults.” (2) But they were caught, again, not telling the truth and forced to divulge that GE mosquito offspring can, and do, survive to adulthood.

Oxitec’s latest safety assessment is no different. It is inaccurate, inadequate and incomplete. They say these mosquitoes will be contained because they will be released on an island. As if they do not realize there are roads connected to that island.

They claim insectivores in the Keys won’t be harmed by consuming their mosquitoes, even though they have never done studies on the various birds, lizards, frogs, etc. in the Keys.

Not only is Oxitec’s assessment inaccurate, inadequate and incomplete, it is unethical as well. Oxitec wants to expose unwilling Keys residents to their GE mosquitoes. Even though a survey found 75% of the residents in the proposed trial area oppose the release of GE mosquitoes and over 162,000 people signed a petition against it. Hundreds of Keys residents have made it quite clear: They do not consent to being be part of the experiment.

The Florida Keys GE mosquito experiment, if allowed to move forward, will only be the beginning. Once approved, Oxitec will surely expand their trials and releases to other areas of the United States. Will you be part of the GE Mosquito experiment? Make your voice heard before it’s too late! Tell the FDA that you don’t want to get bitten and you won’t travel to Florida if they release GE mosquitoes. Comment to the FDA HERE.

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